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9 thoughts on “ Blazing Apostles

  1. * Overall free company standings on your World. Estate Profile. Blaze Inn. Address. Plot 5, 2 Ward, The Lavender Beds (Medium) Greeting. Where the Blazing Apostles reside.
  2. Blazing Apostles: BBC Radio One John Peel Session Recorded 10th February First Broadcast 23rd February Crying To The Sky: Piece Of Mind: Blazing Apostles.
  3. The name Blazing Apostles was inspired by the Be Bop Deluxe track of the same name without realising there had already been a band with the same name from the same area. Whilst we were NOT a band of praise, the songs were in general, steeped in good will and positive messages with occasional religious references. Tongues planted well in cheeks.
  4. Every time (every time) That I see someone (I see someone) There's something that they all - always do They always ask (they always ask) Yes, they knew what happened too (what happened too) That little girl I used to see with you And I just laugh it off Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha I laugh it off Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha And I tell them that it did not mean a thing And I just Laugh it off Laugh it off Laugh.
  5. Blazing apostles Flat Ninety-Nine South Revelation Row City of Lost Souls Land of the Blind It's a wonderful place to go It's a wonderful place to go Saints on the highway, martyrs on the road to.
  6. `Blazing Apostles' closes the album and provides a powerful, guitar driven critique on Christian evangelism, no doubt influenced by Bill's early trips to USA/5(80).
  7. Sunburst Finish is the third studio album by art rock band Be-Bop Deluxe, released in February It was recorded in Abbey Road Studios, London.. The album contains what would become one of their few forays into chart success; the February single "Ships in the Night", which reached number 23 in the UK Singles Charts.. Keyboardist Andy Clark, who had served as a temporary member during.
  8. Blazing Apostles (New Stereo Mix) Ships in the Night (First Version) Beauty Secrets (First Version) The Mystery Demo Crystal Gazing (Alternate Vocal Version) Crying to the Sky (First Version) Ships in the Night (Alternate Vocal Version) Disc: 3 1. Life in the Air Age (Live)/5(34).

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