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9 thoughts on “ I Sometimes Wish I Was Dead (Deathwish Remix)

  1. I Sometimes Wish I Was Dead este o piesă a formației britanice Depeche Mode. Piesa a apărut pe albumul Speak and Spell, în Acest articol legat de un cântec este un ciot. Puteți ajuta Wikipedia prin completarea sa.
  2. Top 6 Must-Read I Wish I Was Dead Quotes ‘I Wish I Was Dead’ thought could hit anyone’s head at any time. Such an idea occurs when a person thinks he/she will not be able to get through the overwhelming situation. But such ideas are mostly pa*sive and temporary, which can be beaten easily.
  3. Death wish, a death wish, bitch I got a death wish Ooh, ooh, ayy What's for breakfast, for breakfast Your bitch ate dick and lettuce She stumbled down the hill like Jack and Jill for the dick I got a bitch sprung, she gon' kill for the dick Run up on me wrong, you gettin' killed for that shit, ayy.
  4. Sometimes I feel so burdened with anxiety I fear it will never go away and I will be like this forever. That makes me wish life was shorter sometimes. I don't want to die and I am not suicidal, but sometimes the knowledge that (if all goes well) I could have another years of this crap. That's a very daunting prospect sometimes.
  5. Sep 19,  · A thousand times! Life's a tough ride. It sounds hilarious from a 21 year old yet; sometimes it's similar to how the most craziest things you would hear from the most sensible ones. In my months of loneliness and depression, I secretly wish each d.
  6. Sometimes I Wish I Was Dead Lyrics: Love is supposed to set you free / Well, look at what it's done to me / Don't want to talk, I'm too depressed / So just give your act a mental rest / She loves.
  7. I Sometimes Wish I Was Dead Lyrics: New sound all around, you can hear it too / Getting hot, never stop, just for me and you / Playing on my radio / And saying that you had to go / New day, turn.
  8. Depeche Mode – I Sometimes Wish I Was Dead Lyrics. from album: Speak & Spell () New sound all around You can hear it too Get it hot, never stop Just for me and you Playing on my radio And saying that you had to go New day, turn away Wipe away the tear New night, feel alright.
  9. B2 listed as 'Deathwish Remix'. Martin L. Gore is erroneously credited as one of the writers, but Vince Clarke is the sole writer of "I Sometimes Wish I Was Dead". Other Versions (5 of 8) View All.

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