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8 thoughts on “ No Fun - Sex Pistols - Aggression Thru Repression (CD)

  1. "Sex Pistols were like no band that had ever been, and we have yet to see their like again. In an age when causing offence is a cardinal sin, it's worth recalling that a bunch of urchins once sparked a revolution by being loud and obnoxious and calling a dipsomaniac TV presenter a "dirty fucker" on live TV, by being no platformed by concert venues, by giving the establishment a collective.
  2. The Lesser Free Trade Hall gig is missing the last track "No Fun". I guess they decided as it was played earlier in the set it was superfluous which is a shame as it's a cracking version. The Screen On the Green, Islington had already been released on the Sex Box 1(Best of British). 76 Club Burton On Trent has been bootlegged ad infinitum.
  3. Lastly, it is a very known fact that non of u seem to know that the Sex Pistols were only a band for 2 years, and only made one full length Album, Nevermind the Bullucks, but they released many bootlegs and live cuts. The Sex Pistols kick ass, and with there one groundbreaking album they changed and influenced the face of music.
  4. Jun 01,  · As the nation prepares to celebrate the Queen's diamond jubilee, some will be marking another anniversary – 35 years since Sex Pistols' God Save the .
  5. Good audience recording of show at Manchester, Lesser Free Trade Hall on 4 June , released on CD as "Aggression thru Repression" and "Good Time Music of The Sex Pistols". There is a good review of this gig in the book "I swear I was there" by David Nolan. This gig was influential in starting a whole scene in Manchester, or so the book claims.
  6. Apr 20,  · The Sex Pistols are the greatest. Universal now has a trophy room, Music is the imitation of nature, The Sex Pistols are nature, So please give generously. Thank You” Johnny Rotten An expanded and repackaged edition of ‘Never Mind The Bollocks Here’s The Sex Pistols‘ will be scheduled for release later in to commemorate its 35th.
  7. Official/Semi Official Release - Aggression Thru Repression CD / Good Time Music Of The Sex Pistols LP / I Swear I Was There LP/CD + I Swear I Stayed For The Encore EP (Problems / No Fun) Video -some 8mm footage exists and is shown in “I Swear I was There”.
  8. Sep 27,  · Discs 1 & 2 / Album + Studio rarities, B-sides and demos. Just a look at the track listing did not immediately impress me. Inexplicably, the B-side to Anarchy in the UK – I Wanna Be Me – is not included, despite the other B-sides being present and correct. No Fun, the B-side of Pretty Vacant is the version with the ending cropped off (as it appears on the single), not the full length version.

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