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8 thoughts on “ WKRP In NYC - The Juggaknots - WKRP In NYC / Generally / J-Solo EP (CDr)

  1. I am a huge fan of the original WKRP - I have watched every episode probably twenty or thirty times, if not more. The reality is though, in comparing the New WKRP to the original, there is a tendency to angelize the former and demonize the latter. This is unfair. The reality is, there were as many problems in the original as the New WKRP.
  2. Nov 12,  · Directed by Will Mackenzie. With Gary Sandy, Gordon Jump, Loni Anderson, Richard Sanders. In reference to the garbage strike happening in the city, Johnny, on the air, makes a flippant comment that if the city won't pick up people's garbage, the people should bring their garbage to the city by dumping it on the steps of city hall. Much to Johnny's surprise, hundreds of his listeners take the.
  3. Jan 01,  · Album WKRP In NYC / Generally / J-Solo EP. Generally Lyrics [Intro] Uh, the lesson of today The cavalry right? Not quite Yo WKRP In NYC / Generally / J-Solo EP Juggaknots. 2. Generally.
  4. Juggaknots is an American hip hop group from New York consisting of siblings Breeze Brewin' (Paul Smith), Queen Herawin (Peridot Smith), and Buddy Slim (Kevin Smith).
  5. 1. This Morning - Juggaknots 2. Get Loose - Mass Influence 3. The Hurt - Jean Grae & Murs 4. Straight - Q-Unique 5. Girl (Got To Give It To Me) - Lord Sear 6. Taco Day - Jean Grae & The Melon Bayside High Drama Club 7. Force Fed - Agents Of Man & Amplifire 8. Bring It To Me - D-Stroy 9. What the F_ck? - Mr. Live Love Venom - The Brewin.
  6. The New WKRP In Cincinnati () WKRP In Cincinnati () Type: Spin Off: The original WKRP In Cincinnati was, in my opinion, one of the best sitcoms of all times. It's the rare case of a workplace comedy that fully exploited its setting. Set at WKRP, a low rent AM radio station, the show told the story of a motley radio crew trying.

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